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Ocean view from the Caribe Office Building

Working with an Ocean View

When I show new members around our Coworking Space for the first time, 9/10  times I get the same joke:  “I don’t know if I could stay concentrated at work with this amazing view.” I like to respond with a simple “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.” (Even if we never do).

Summer season just started, and almost everyone at CoSPAZIO has begun booking trips, closing old chapters and getting ready for new projects. The sun sets down a little bit later, and the beer on tap gets more visitors than usual. The calmness of this time gives us a chance to meditate on our achievements from the first half of the year. Even during April, when members occasionally interrupt each other as they run to the window to see a whale jumping, everyone feels well-accomplished because networking is easier at CoSPAZIO.

Some members developed great business strategies while making jokes about having a special connection with the sea. Others sparked ideas over the urge of closing their laptop and going for a walk on the beach. And some were most creative when they returned to the office after stopping for a last-minute gift @PaseoCaribe or having a business lunch @ElMercado.

With all of this being said, I can only conclude that working at CoSPAZIO, the only coworking space with an ocean view in Puerto Rico, at first could seem like a distraction until you realize that our location adapts to your way of living making it easier to get things done efficiently. If you’re still not convinced, come try it for yourself. Ask for a free day pass today!